Golf in Virginia

Virginia is the perfect destination for golfers of all abilities and ages. From the rocky terrain of Virginia's Appalachian Mountains to its rolling hills, there is no shortage of scenic beauty to enjoy while playing a round of golf.

Virginia has many public courses open year-round, making it easy to get your fix whenever you want.

Whether you're looking for a challenging course to test your skills or want to relax and enjoy a leisurely game with friends, Virginia has something for everyone.

The state also boasts some highly acclaimed private courses that offer unparalleled amenities and services, such as lush fairways, meticulously groomed greens, modernized carts, and pro shops stocked with the latest golf equipment.

In addition to these courses, many communities in Virginia feature mini golf courses and driving ranges that are ideal for those just starting or wanting a casual round of golf without committing too much time or money.

Golfers searching for top-notch instruction will be pleased to know that many certified PGA professionals offer private lessons at several locations throughout the state.

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