Golf in Texas

The Lone Star State of Texas is unlike any other in the US when it comes to golfing. With its vast landscape, Texas offers a wide selection of courses for golfers of all skill levels.

From public courses offering a variety of layouts and scenic beauty to high-end resorts that offer luxurious amenities and pristine landscaping, Texas has something for everyone.

The warm climate means golfers can enjoy their time on the course year-round while taking in breathtaking views of stunning landscapes and natural beauty.

For those just starting or looking to get back into golfing, Texas provides plenty of options for beginners.

Many public courses offer discounted rates for junior golfers and seniors looking to get started in the game. Many driving ranges, mini golf courses, and disc golf courses scattered across the state provide an enjoyable introduction to golfing.

Ultimately, Texas stands out from other states because it offers a great range of services tailored specifically for all golfers.

Whether you’re a low handicapper searching for the perfect challenge or just getting into the game as a beginner – Local Golf HQ has you covered with comprehensive listings of local golf stores, resorts, instructors, and more – all here at your fingertips!