Public Golf Courses in Auburn, AL

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Auburn, AL is a vibrant city with plenty of culture and recreational activities. One of the best ways to experience Auburn is through its public golf courses, which feature challenging terrain, scenic views, and a variety of hazards. Whether it's an 18-hole championship course or a nine-hole one, these courses are perfect for players of all levels looking for a memorable experience.

Indian Pines Country Club was named by Golf Digest as the "best golf city in America", and is set to re-open in November 2023.

Experience the beauty of Auburn through its public golf courses, which offer everything from great golfing to luxurious amenities.

Visit one of these courses today and discover why they make Auburn such a popular destination.

1. Indian Pines Country Club

*Currently closed for renovation.

Indian Pines Country Club is an 18-hole public golf course in Auburn and Opelika, Alabama.

Rated amongst the best of its kind, this course boasts Tifdwarf Bermuda grass and Poa Trivialis overseed in the winter months, offering a great experience to golfers of all levels.

This stunning course was originally constructed in 1946 as the Saugahatchee Country Club, a nine-hole course, with the first tournament held on July 4, 1947.

It was then sold to the cities of Auburn and Opelika in 1976, who have operated it ever since. In 2005, Golf Digest named it the "best golf city in America" due to its outstanding facilities.

In 1999, the course underwent a redesign. Recently, the old clubhouse was destroyed by fire and was replaced with a new one in 2006.

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Since then, Indian Pines has hosted the Indian Pines Invitational - an amateur event tournament drawing over 200 participants - and is the home course of the Auburn High School Tigers golf team.

The golf pro shop and snack bar are open from 8 am-4 pm every Tuesday to Saturday.

This allows customers to buy all their golfing needs and enjoy a bite to eat without leaving the premises.

Due to current renovations, Indian Pines Country Club will re-open in November 2023.

Make sure to visit this fantastic golf course after it reopens and make the most of its perfect facilities.

Contact Details of Indian Pines Country Club:
Address: 900 Country Club Dr, Auburn, AL 36830
Website: Indian Pines Country Club
Tel: 334-821-0880


  • Q: What types of grass are used in the Indian Pines Country Club golf courses?
    A: The Indian Pines Country Club golf courses feature Tifdwarf Bermuda grass and Poa Trivialis overseed in the winter months.
  • Q: Is Indian Pines Country Club open to the public?
    A: Yes, Indian Pines Country Club is open to the public.
  • Q: Is there a pro shop at Indian Pines Country Club?
    A: The golf pro shop and snack bar at Indian Pines Country Club is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am-4 pm.