Golf in New York

New York is a great destination for golfers with its wide selection of courses and services.

With a cluster of world-renowned resorts, metropolitan public courses, and an abundance of driving ranges, New York provides ample opportunities to test your skills.

From mini-golf courses perfect for the whole family to challenging courses tailored to experienced players – whether you’re new to the sport or a low handicapper – golfers of all levels will find something they love here.

Another great feature New York has to offer are its many golf-related instructional programs.

Professional instructors can help you improve your game, no matter your skill level. With hundreds of coaches around the state, you'll have no problem finding someone who meets your needs.

Plus, many provide feedback and analysis on technique, performance data, equipment selection, etc.

The golfing community in New York is also vibrant. Whether you’re looking for advice from beginners or tips from seasoned pros, this local community can help make sure you have a successful round every time.

Local Golf HQ is proud to be part of such a friendly atmosphere by offering members access to the best local golfing services around the area near them.